July 27, 2011

Language Tool Teaches Tlingit Alphabet

From http://kcaw.org/modules/local_news/index.php?op=sideBlock&syndicated=true&ID=1909

Do you want to learn Tlingit? You could start with the 50 letters, including some sounds that are not found in other languages.

A new online tool, plus a note-card-and-audio system, is aimed at children. But it can help students of any age.

The Sealaska Heritage Institute has created the online, audiovisual teaching program. It’s also being distributed as a note card and CD-audio system teaching the written language’s 50 letters.

The institute is sending alphabet-card-and-CD packages to 15 Southeast Alaska language teachers. Others can use the online version or request copies. They’re also on sale to the general public.

The new release, titled “Let’s Learn Tlingit,” joins other Native language publications and online tools created by the heritage institute. They include Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian dictionaries, plus phrase and spelling books.

Read the full article and listen to a radio broadcast about the new tool at http://kcaw.org/modules/local_news/index.php?op=sideBlock&syndicated=true&ID=1909

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