July 27, 2011

MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones: Thematic and Content-Based Spanish Curriculum and CD

From http://www.maracas123.com

From Amanda Seewald, developer of MARACAS:

MARACAS is an interactive language learning program designed for preschool and elementary age children. The MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones curriculum uses music, interactive play, literature and crafts to expose children to the sounds and rhythms of Spanish in a fun and exciting way. Using a Multiple Intelligences approach, the students are immersed in the target language through exploratory learning and content based activities.

Amanda Seewald, M.Ed. developed the MARACAS methods and curriculum in many classrooms with hundreds of students since 2002. Seewald is now making the MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones curriculum and accompanying songs available to the public in a format that is extremely affordable for teachers, home-based learners and students to utilize in and beyond the classroom as a primary language learning tool, or as a supplemental tool to an existing program. Everything a teacher needs to make Spanish language learning fun and memorable is included in the MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones Curriculum and CD. The curriculum contains 25 classroom tested, Multiple Intelligences based lessons divided into four units by the seasons. Each unit is thematically connected to real-life learning and is embedded with standards based content in the areas of science, math, social studies, and language arts.

Music is at the heart of this interactive learning program. Whether you’re an educator, school administrator, parent or student, experiencing the sounds and rhythms of Spanish through the diverse genres of MARACAS music featured in 22 songs will inspire you to enjoy language learning!

Experiencing the sounds and rhythms of Spanish in a fun and exciting way brings learning to life and aims to stir a love of learning language that can last a lifetime. MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones music and lessons take language learning to the next level by connecting it to real life experiences as well as the many academic experiences that are an authentic part of young children's lives each day. The MARACAS lessons contain positive messages and motivational ideas to empower children to be great learners, community members, and citizens of the world.

Learn more about the MARACAS curriculum at http://www.maracas123.com/curriculum-cds

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