July 27, 2011

Online Course: The Art and Culture of Burma

From http://www.niu.edu/burma/web/index.shtml

The purpose of this on-line study-guide and course-outline is to make text and visual materials on the arts of Burma readily and inexpensively available, in particular to students and teachers. These materials assume college level reading skills so that the contents may be used for independent study courses, as a resource for teachers in secondary schools, as well as anyone interested in expanding and enriching their knowledge of the Arts and Cultures of Burma.

The themes of the course follow the chronological development of the major visual art forms of Burma as they have been reconstructed from an incomplete archeological record and very limited written records. The study of archaeology and art history is not well developed in Burma so that benchmark dates and facts are not abundant. Patterns and themes that are at present discernible will be traced through five major periods. General characteristics of each period are discussed at the beginning of each section.

Access the online course at http://www.seasite.niu.edu/burmese/cooler/BurmaArt_TOC.htm

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