February 14, 2013

Training Opportunity for Illinois Foreign Language Teachers

From http://www.ictfl.org/content/2013/02/ictfl-train-teachers-meet-pera-tall-il-apply-now

Under the Illinois School Code, Senate Bill 7, “Performance Evaluation Reform Act” (PERA), Illinois School Districts must adopt guidelines to measure and document student growth as a “significant” part of each teacher’s evaluation process. To support Illinois foreign language teachers and programs, ICTFL and ACTFL are collaborating through a performance-based assessment model so teachers will know how to demonstrate student growth and document language proficiency.

TALL-IL or "Training for Assessment and Language Learning in Illinois" is a Joint ACTFL/ICTFL Initiative to sponsor a "train the trainer" program in which 3 or more Teacher Leaders from each Illinois Region are trained and then, in turn, train others in their Regions to meet the new Illinois state guidelines. Consider becoming a part of this exciting initiative by applying to become either a Teacher Leader or a Teacher Participant for TALL-IL.

If interested, submit the World Language Regional Teacher Leader or Teacher Participant Applications by April 1, 2012.

Learn more about this opportunity and download applications at http://www.ictfl.org/content/2013/02/ictfl-train-teachers-meet-pera-tall-il-apply-now

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