February 14, 2013

Michigan State Legislator Proposes Eliminating Foreign Language Requirement

From http://michiganradio.org/post/should-michigan-make-learning-foreign-language-optional

Should Michigan make learning a foreign language optional?
By Steve Carmody   
February 9, 2013

A bill in the state legislature would drop the foreign language requirement in Michigan high schools.

State Representative Phil Potvin dismisses the suggestion that learning a foreign language will better prepare Michigan teens for a globalized economy. He says the requirement has the opposite effect. Potvin says the foreign language requirement pushes kids to drop out of school.

Foreign language teachers are criticizing a proposal to drop the foreign language requirement from Michigan’s high school curriculum.

Jackie Moase-Burke is a former president of the Michigan World Language Association. She says school children need to learn foreign languages to prepare for their future.

Read the full article at http://michiganradio.org/post/should-michigan-make-learning-foreign-language-optional

Visit the Michigan World Language Association website at http://mwla.camp9.org

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