February 26, 2013

Book: Identifying and Recruiting Language Teachers

From http://www.infoagepub.com/products/Identifying-and-Recruiting-Language-Teachers

Identifying and Recruiting Language Teachers: A Research-Based Approach
By Peter B. Swanson
Published by Information Age Publishing

In this book, Swanson discusses the Second/Foreign Language (S/FL) teacher shortage and presents an effective research-based model to increase the number of students enrolled in language teacher education programs. The book is situated in seven chapters beginning with a review of the literature surrounding the shortage of S/FL teachers and the factors associated with the shortage from a global perspective. In Chapter 2, Swanson lays out the theoretical framework that guides this research. In the next two chapters, he presents his recruiting method for adolescents enrolled in S/FL courses and in future educator groups. In each of these chapters he discusses a process to confront and overcome the most commonly cited reasons adolescents give for not choosing language teaching in order to foster interest in becoming a language teacher.

In Chapter 5, he discusses the importance of inviting and hosting campus visits for high school students as well as the value of inviting students to professional meetings in order to learn more about teaching languages. In Chapter 6, he describes the process to recruit adults into a career as a language teacher. In the final chapter, Swanson offers some concluding thoughts which tie the book together as well as discussing the induction of S/FL teachers into the profession from the moment they enter teacher preparation programs.

This book is suited for faculty members interested in building and sustaining enrollment in S/FL teacher education programs. The methods and strategies are easily modified for increasing teacher candidate enrollment in other content areas.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.infoagepub.com/products/Identifying-and-Recruiting-Language-Teachers

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