February 26, 2013

Project Is Now Citing Digital Materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages

During the past two years, the UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP), supported by a grant from the International Research and Studies Program of the U.S. Department of Education, has surveyed digital teaching materials for 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Now, citations of those materials are being added to the LMP’s online bibliography, joining the 8000 citations of traditionally published textbooks, dictionaries, readers, grammars, and phrasebooks. About 100 descriptions of digital items are now on display, with another 400 in the pipeline.

The digital materials include web courses, interactive lessons, script and vocabulary tutorials, online dictionaries, and course enrichment materials like puzzles and games. Some are distributed on DVDs or apps, but most are presented directly on the Web, either for free or by subscription.

Explore the bibliography at http://www.lmp.ucla.edu/Default.aspx
If you know of digital materials that we should cite, please tell the LMP about them. Their email is lmp at international dot ucla dot edu.

[ILR-INFO] Digital Materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages. ILR-INFO Discussion Group (ILR-INFO@FSILIST2.FSI.STATE.GOV, 25 Feb 2013).

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