February 14, 2013

Call for Research Proposals: ACTFL Research Priorities Project

From http://www.actfl.org/about-the-american-council-the-teaching-foreign-languages/actfl-research-priorities-project-phase-ii

ACTFL Research Priorities Project (Phase II) - Request for Research Partnerships

The purpose of Phase II of the ACTFL Research Priorities Project is to support empirical research on five priority areas that are critical to improving foreign language education:

 Research Priority Area #1: FL Teacher Preparation Model Programs: Documentation, Implementation, and Outcomes
 Research Priority Area #2: Profiles of High-Performing FL Teachers in K-16 Settings
 Research Priority Area #3: Language Use in the Community
 Research Priority Area #4: Mentoring K-16 FL Teachers & Classroom Discourse
 Research Priority Area #5: High-Leverage Teaching Practices

Phase II consists of two stages:

 A Request for Research Partnerships (RRP) (submission deadline March 15, 2013)
 A Request for Proposals (RFP) (submission deadline May 20, 2013)

For more details go to http://www.actfl.org/about-the-american-council-the-teaching-foreign-languages/actfl-research-priorities-project-phase-ii

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