February 14, 2013

Qatar Foundation K-12 Teacher Fellowship Awards

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for their Teacher Fellowship Awards.

As part of its overall mission to expand and improve the teaching of K-12 Arabic in the United States, QFI is pleased to offer fellowships for current or prospective K-12 teachers. The program is intended to support:

1) Teacher candidates who are pursuing certification in Foreign Language Education in World or Foreign Languages to teach Arabic;
2) Teachers who already are certified in another discipline and are seeking an endorsement to teach Arabic
3) Teachers seeking U.S. certification to teach Arabic through any other recognized means.

This program will offset participating teachers tuition and fees for advanced courses in Arabic language and culture needed for certification. In addition some fellows may receive funding for summer study in the Middle East for intensive language study. It will also offset housing fees for *summer programs* that require staying outside the students normal residence.

The program will also provide teachers with the opportunity to learn best practices in language education, develop a thorough understanding of Arabic and how to teach it, and augment their passion for the study of Arabic language and cultures and their commitment to educating young people about the peoples and cultures of this important area of the world.

You will find the Teacher Fellowship Awards Announcement and Application Form at the following links: http://www.qfi.org/uploads/files/Teacher%20Fellows%20Awards.pdf and http://www.qfi.org/uploads/files/Teacher_Fellowships_Application_2.pdf

Please send the form and all required documents to alci at qfi dot org. The deadline for submission is *March 15, 2013.* The official announcement is on QFI's website: http://www.qfi.org/page/174/5/Opportunities

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