February 14, 2013

Book: Integrating Computer-Mediated Communication into Foreign Language Education

From http://www.lincom-shop.eu/shop/article_ISBN%25209783862884100/LSSLT-18%3A-Integrating-Computer-Mediated-Communication-into-Foreign-Language-Education.html

LSSLT 18: Integrating Computer-Mediated Communication into Foreign Language Education
A Vietnamese Sociocultural Context of Higher Education
By Long V. Nguyen
Published by Lincom Academic Publishers

Description: The book investigates the nature of both synchronous and asynchronous computer-mediated communication and how these two modes of communication may complement each other and contribute to collaborative learning in an EFL classroom environment. Results from the research indicated promising avenues for the application of various CMC technologies in the Confucius heritage language classroom. The quality of discussion was persuasively better in the online synchronous mode. The use of wikis as a new platform for peer exchanges can be considered an innovation, liberating the students from the conventional, narrow, and linear practice of pen-and-paperbased peer editing. Furthermore, indications of trends in terms of quality were positive toward the online essays. Learners’ reflections on and perceptions of the introduction of CMC into language learning presented a potential picture of a technology-enhanced classroom. This book is therefore aimed at researchers, language teachers, and graduate students with an interest in computer-mediated communication and computer-assisted language learning.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.lincom-shop.eu/shop/article_ISBN%25209783862884100/LSSLT-18%3A-Integrating-Computer-Mediated-Communication-into-Foreign-Language-Education.html

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