February 14, 2013

LatinSummer: for Elementary and Middle School Students

From http://www.ascaniusyci.org/latinsummer

LatinSummer is a two-week summer enrichment program that provides students in elementary and middle school a unique chance to learn about Latin and the classical world. Over the past fourteen years, LatinSummer has introduced Latin and the Classics to students all over the country.

Now, LatinSummer comes to the Charleston, Saint Louis, Western Massachusetts, and Williamsburg areas, giving students the opportunity to explore classical and conversational Latin, Greco-Roman mythology, and Roman culture and daily life! Topics may include Latin vocabulary and word roots, building hands-on Latin sentences, the Olympic games, Roman clothing, gladiators, architecture, banquets, mosaics and art, gods and goddesses, and many more! Students will be grouped by age. Instruction, pacing, and content will be tailored to the unique needs of each age group. No prior knowledge of Latin or Classics is required.

Deadline to register: May 31

Go to the LatinSummer website for more information: http://www.ascaniusyci.org/latinsummer

Teachers: if you’re interested in teaching for LatinSummer go to http://ascaniusyci.org/LS2013-facstaffapps

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