January 29, 2012

Report: What Business Wants: Language Needs in the 21st Century

From http://thelanguageflagship.org

The Language Flagship has undertaken one of the most systematic efforts, to date, to assess and understand the needs for global skills in business. Over the past three years, this effort engaged over one hundred business leaders to identify the role and value of languages and cultural skills to business’ bottom line. Equally important it identified potential roles for business as an integral part of a dynamic that will bring significant change to language education in the United States. The resulting report, “What Business Wants: Language Needs in the 21st Century” summarizes the findings that companies do need language and cultural skills on their staff for improving global business practices and for serving a domestically based multi-lingual workforce and clientele.

Read about the key findings here: http://thelanguageflagship.org/business/what-business-wants
You can download the report from http://thelanguageflagship.org/images/documents/what_business_wants_report_final_7_09.pdf

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