January 15, 2012

Free Professional Development from #LangChat for Language Educators

From http://blog.calicospanish.com/2012/01/06/free-professional-development-from-langchat-for-language-educators.html

#LangChat is an independent group of educators who get together every week on Twitter to discuss topics of interest to the world-language community.

Calico Spanish sponsors summaries of each week’s #LangChat as a service to the community. Now they are making available a series of e-books collecting the best suggestions from our participants since the beginning of #LangChat.

The first book is Web Tools for the 21st-Century World Language Classroom, and it brings together all the excellent tools and resources that world language colleagues have suggested since they began meeting in February 2011

The e-book is available free to all #LangChat participants and other world language enthusiasts; you have to sign up first at http://blog.calicospanish.com/2012/01/06/free-professional-development-from-langchat-for-language-educators.html

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