January 22, 2012

50 Years of the Welsh Language Society - Series of Articles

Here is a series of articles up at http://clickonwales.org, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Welsh language pressure group Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (The Welsh Language Society).

'Cymdeithas at 50: Half a century ago'. John Davies looks back at an era when the Welsh language was virtually invisible.


'Cymdeithas at 50: When dreams become reality'. Angharad Tomos looks back at a lifetime of campaigning.


'Cymdeithas at 50: Attaining psychological freedom'. Menna Machreth explains how non-violent direct action can become a way of life.


'Cymdeithas at 50: How devolution is changing the campaign'. Simon Brooks argues that today the language needs constitutional pressure group.

'Cymdeithas at 50: Making the campaign fit for the future'. Huw Lewis says Cymdeithas faces questions about its organisation, methods and policy.

Sayers, D. 50 years of the Welsh Language Society. ENDANGERED-LANGUAGES-L listserv (ENDANGERED-LANGUAGES-L@LISTSERV.LINGUISTLIST.ORG, 17 Jan 2012).

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