January 15, 2012

Book: The Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy

From http://www.cambridge.org/9780521195652

The Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy
Edited by Bernard Spolsky
Published by Cambridge University Press

Summary: This is the first Handbook to deal with language policy as a whole and is a complete 'state-of-the-field' survey, covering language practices, beliefs about language varieties, and methods and agencies for language management. It provides a historical background which traces the development of classical language planning, describes activities associated with indigenous and endangered languages, and contains chapters on imperialism, colonialism, effects of migration and globalization, and educational policy. It also evaluates language management agencies, analyzes language activism and looks at language cultivation (including reform of writing systems, orthography and modernized terminology).

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.cambridge.org/9780521195652

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