January 22, 2012

Investors Backed by Publishing Giant Team Up with California University To Start a Bilingual College

From http://chronicle.com/article/Investorsa-Calif/130367

Investors Backed by Publishing Giant Team Up With Calif. University to Start a Bilingual College
By Goldie Blumenstyk
January 17, 2012

A $100-million investment fund backed by the German publishing and media giant Bertelsmann and the endowment for two Texas public university systems is jumping into higher education with two ventures aimed key markets.

One is a new bilingual college aimed at Hispanic students, in partnership with an affiliate of Chapman University.

For the yet-to-be-named Hispanic-serving college, the new fund, called University Ventures, will form a partnership with Brandman University, an 11,000-student nonprofit institution now known for serving working adult students at its 25 campuses in California (plus one in Washington State) through online and face-to-face courses.

The program will be aimed at the many students from Spanish-speaking homes who have learned enough English to graduate from high school but either are too intimidated or too inadequately prepared to get through traditional college programs taught fully in English.

Read the full article at http://chronicle.com/article/Investorsa-Calif/130367

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