January 8, 2012

Guardian Teacher Network Features Global Wall Planners

From http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2012/jan/02/teaching-resources-wall-planners

The Guardian Teacher Network has a variety of wall planners that will ensure you don't miss any teaching opportunities over the coming months:

The Global Wall Planner is a colorful chart that lists a wealth of international days and weeks between now and the summer holidays. It is ideal for planning lessons, assemblies or whole-school activities with a global citizenship theme. Some of the dates covered include World Braille Day (4 January), Fairtrade Fortnight (27 February-11 March) and World Health Day (7 April). The wall planner can be used in conjunction with an online calendar that has links to learning and teaching resources for each global event.

The Chembakolli wall planner has beautiful pictures and illustrations of the Adivasi people, a tribal group who live in the south Indian village of Chembakolli. Produced by the charity Action Aid, the resource aims to help teachers and pupils keep track of important dates in the UK and India. It also highlights the struggle of the Adivasi to regain their land from government authorities and non-tribal people seeking opportunities for national park land, timber, and tea and coffee plantations. Resources to support the wall planner include slideshows and written information about life in and around Chembakolli.

The 2011/12 year planner features details of awareness days, religious festivals, public holidays and historical events to help you plan topical activities throughout the year. It is one of several resources produced by www.primaryclass.co.uk that are free to download for use in the classroom.

For more information to these resources and links to them, visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2012/jan/02/teaching-resources-wall-planners

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