January 22, 2012

AccELLerate! 4.2 Focuses on Young English Language Learners

NCELA Quarterly Review: AccELLerate! 4.2.
Winter 2012 - Volume 4: Issue 2

This issue focuses on young English learners. These children come from linguistically and ethnically diverse backgrounds and are learning a second language while still acquiring their first language. Working with these children in an environment that is empowering and supportive of their home culture and language is essential for their academic success and growth into knowledgeable, skilled, and confident citizens of the 21st century. The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition offers a collection of papers presenting specific practices and new ideas for both novice and experienced teachers.

In this issue:

August, Artzi, Haynes, & Corwin - Developing Oral Proficiency in Dual Language Learners: The Vocabulary Improvement and Oral Language Enrichment and Literacy through Stories (VIOLETS) Program
Ballantyne - The More We Get Together: Social Development in a New Language
Connors & Brown - Supporting Parents to Prepare Young Dual Language Learners for School
Erdemir - Facilitating Vocabulary Learning of EL and Bilingual Children in Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms: Practical Recommendations
Grassi & Barker - Involving Parents of Young Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Students
McCrary, Sennette, & Brown - One Institution’s Journey: Training Teachers of Young English Learners
Peña, Bedore, & Gibson - Bilingual Language Assessment in Educational Contexts
Rivas & Ware - Assessment with Cultural Context in Mind: Recommendations for Community-Based Programs that Serve Young English Learners
Robbins & Chamot - Young EL Learning Strategies: From Abstract Concepts to Concrete Tools

Also in this issue

Editor’s Notes
Success Stories: González; McWilliams, Maldonado, & Szczepaniak
askNCELA’s Inbox: How many young ELs are there?
Information Piece: Websites Offering Learning Activities for Young ELs

You can read AccELLerate! 4.2. on the NCWELA website in pdf format at:

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