June 8, 2013

June 2013 Issue of Language Learning & Technology

Volume 17 Number 2 (June 2013) of Language Learning & Technology is available at http://llt.msu.edu/issues/june2013/index.html

In this issue:

Computer Learner Corpora: Analysing Interlanguage Errors in Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication
Anonymity and Motivation in Asychronous Discussions and L2 Vocabulary Learning
Online Strategy Instruction for Integrating Dictionary Skills and Language Awareness
A Framework for Developing Self-Directed Technology Use for Language Learning
The Effects of Text-Based SCMC on SLA: A Meta Analysis
Identity Practices of Multilingual Writers in Social Networking Spaces
Applications of Text Analysis Tools for Spoken Response Grading
Language Development and Scaffolding in a Sino-American Telecollaborative Project
The Effects of Online Feedback Training on Students’ Text Revision

Plus announcements, calls for papers, columns and reviews

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