June 30, 2013

Job: Global Village Fort Collins French Teachers Needed

Job description for French Teacher:

As a French immersion teacher you must possess native or near native fluency in French; teach elementary grade language, literature, writing and other core subjects to French immersion students; established individual performance goals; have good student management skills; work with other Immersion team members and administration.

Must possess a Bachelor's Degree or higher and have passed the PLACE or PRAXIS exam in Elementary Education or content area, or take either of the exams and pass within 90 days of hire.

• Teach elementary grade level or in Content area standards-based curriculum in reading, writing, math, science, social studies and personal development.
• Maintain good classroom management.
• Follow school approved curriculums.
• Utilize knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices including small group instruction to teach content.
• Create a positive and effective school and classroom environment that supports the School's philosophy and goals and meets students' individual needs, supporting differentiated learning.
• Expose students to and promote French culture including music, calligraphy, dancing and art, history, food and clothing.
• Demonstrate familiarity and adherence to the School's mission and goals.
• Administer, score, interpret and apply required testing instruments, including state required tests.
• Complete, maintain, and submit accurate records, forms and reports.
• Maintain strict confidentiality.
• Supervise the work of the classroom paraprofessional.
• Work with diverse student population and staff.
• Conduct daily planning and evaluation of student's needs and progress.
• Attend and participate in required pre-service and staff development meetings to coordinate teaching plans.
• Conduct required parent-teacher meetings.
• Perform other duties as requested.

This is a summary of the job description and should not be construed as a complete description. Contact school directly if interested. http://globalvillageacademy.org

Grim, F. [CCFLT] Global Village Fort Collins French teachers needed. CCFLT listserv (CCFLT@yahoogroups.com, 23 Jun 2013).

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