June 15, 2013

Recent National Public Radio Feature on Musician Jose-Luis Orozco

From http://www.npr.org

Jose-Luis Orozco: Capturing Kids' Attention In Two Languages
by Mandalit del Barco
June 07, 2013

For the past 42 years, José-Luis Orozco has been entertaining children with songs he sings in English and Spanish. He's passionate about teaching children to be bilingual through music, and he's also written books for kids.

Orozco manages the near-impossible: getting hundreds of small children to pay attention. He entertains them the old-fashioned way — alone, with his guitar, asking them to sing, dance and clap along, and pretend to make hot chocolate with their hands. The kids count and do the ABCs and name the months of the year. They dance the Macarena and imitate farm animals.

Read the full article or listen to the feature at http://www.npr.org/2013/06/07/189254553/jose-luis-orozco-capturing-kids-attention-in-two-languages

Visit José-Luis Orozco’s website at http://joseluisorozco.com

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