June 8, 2013

Chillola: Website with Language Resources for Young Children

From http://www.chillola.com/at/about%20us%20and%20goals.html

From the website’s self-description:
“Chillola.com is designed to give children all over the world the opportunity to explore foreign languages, learn about different countries, cultures, and people. Playful illustrations, real life pictures, native speakers and sounds will capture your children’s interests and create a fun, and learning environment to build confidence. Children will be motivated and enjoy learning through games and activities, as they play along. Children using chillola.com learn for free and enjoy the process.”

Materials are available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, and Turkish.

Explore the online learning modules and the printable worksheets and other resources at http://www.chillola.com/index.html/index.html

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