June 21, 2013

Book: Innovations in Learning Technologies for English Language Teaching

From http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/publications/innovations-learning-technologies-english-language-teaching

Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching
Edited by Gary Motteram
Published by Bournemouth English Book Centre

Description: This publication offers a different approach to the uses of learning technologies in the language classroom. It starts by considering the following contexts of language learning: primary, secondary and adult learners, then different specialist areas: Business English, English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes, and finally the assessment of language using technology. Each chapter embeds a number of real-life case studies into a framework of research. The chapters show some of the development of the field, and a wide range of technologies is covered. As a regular classroom teacher you will be able to find lesson ideas to adapt to your own contexts; as a teacher trainer, there is a useful overview of the current state of the art in each of the contexts and a range of practical examples.

Download a free PDF version at http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/publications/innovations-learning-technologies-english-language-teaching, or visit the publisher’s website to order a copy at https://www.bebc.co.uk/innovations-in-learning-technologies-for-english-language-teaching-paperback/9780863557132

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