June 30, 2013

Ideas for Reviewing Vocabulary

Here are a few ideas that teachers have shared with each other on the Latinteach listserv for reviewing vocabulary:

Around The World is a favorite review activity, everywhere I've taught.

Have a student stand behind the chair of another. Say a vocab in word in either English or Latin. The first student to give you the definition in the other language moves to stand behind the chair of the next student, and the lose stays (or sits) in that chair. The first child to make it back to his own desk is the winner. Everyone gets to hear all of the vocabulary, you can use difficult words over and over, and the kids have a lot of fun sometimes shouting words at you until they get the correct one.

McCormick-Lane, S. Re: [Latinteach] vocabulary review activity. Latinteach listserv (latinteach@nxport.com, 9 Jan 2013).

Some possibilities which enhance student enthusiasm for knowing forms, translations, history, mythology, etc. are board races, Jeopardy, letter scramble, team competition, quiz bowl, or whatever your imagination dreams of doing.

Colás, L. Re: [Latinteach] Vocabulary Review Activity. Latinteach listserv (latinteach@nxport.com, 9 Jan 2013).

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