August 14, 2011

Yorúbà Yé Mi - A Beginning Yorúbà Textbook

COERLL, a federally funded foreign language resource center specializing in Open Educational Resources (OER) for the Internet public, released its newest interactive language textbook, Yorúbà Yé Mi - A Beginning Yorúbà Textbook. The online textbook is available to the public for free and includes an affordable print-on-demand option.

Yorúbà Yé Mi is a communicative, introductory, multi-media program intended to provide college/university students with basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Yorùbá. In addition, it exposes the learner to the culture of the Yorùbá-speaking people of South-western Nigeria.

To access the interactive textbook, go to . The website offers:

Yorúbà monologues, dialogues, and songs to be used with the textbook
Free PDFs for each chapter
Free audio archive download
Links to the textbook and CD online stores

[LCTL-T] Yorúbà Yé Mi - A Beginning Yorúbà Textbook. LCTL-T listserv (LCTL-T@LISTS.UMN.EDU, 4 Aug 2011).

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