August 21, 2011

New Font for Devanagari Script


SIL’s Non-Roman Script Initiative (NRSI) is pleased to announce the release of the Annapurna SIL Regular and Annapurna SIL Bold fonts.

Named for a section of the Himalayas in North Central Nepal, Annapurna SIL is a font for the Devanagari script, which is used to write more than 120 Indo-Aryan languages of South Asia. Annapurna SIL provides a Unicode-based font family with support for these diverse languages. The calligraphic design reflects the familiar stroke contrast of a broad pen nib, which is commonly used for handwriting Devanagari. The font was designed to be highly readable, reasonably compact and visually attractive, suitable for producing high-quality publications.

Learn more about the font and download it at

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