August 14, 2011

Ideas for the Beginning of the School Year, Part 4

Here are two more ideas for the beginning of the school year:

My teacher did a Spanish version of “2 Truths and 1 Lie”. Basically she had us write down 3 simple sentences about ourselves but one of them must not be true. For example, My favorite color is blue. I have 3 brothers. I like to sing. The student would read out loud their sentence and the class would have to guess what the lie is.

Latroi Andrews. Re: [FLTEACH] ice breakers. FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 25 Jul 2011).

Spanish teachers, a Twiccionario activity on the Zambombazo website focuses on young Spanish-speakers’ reactions to the resumption of classes:

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