August 5, 2011

Activity Idea for Songs: Lyric Race


Here is a fun activity which can be used with songs.

• Choose some words from the song you will use in the class and prepare word cards. Stick the words to the board.
• Divide students into two teams (or groups if you have a big class). Work with the words for a while. Give definition, a handout, etc. Any vocabulary exercise will do according to the level of the class.
• When the class is ready tell them each team will stand in a line in front of the board.
• Play the song.
• When a student at the front of the line hears a word in the song, s/he runs to the board and takes the card for the team. Then s/he goes to the back.
• Game continues until all the words have been removed from the board.
• The team with the most cards wins.
• Give each team a copy of the lyrics with blanks. Tell them to complete the gaps with the words they have collected. When they finish, play the song again and check if they have done it correctly.

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