August 14, 2011

New Website for Technology and World Languages:

From is a new site for tutorials and resources on using technology in the world language classroom. The site is divided into several sections:

Sites: Sites that are useful for teachers in general, even if they aren’t tools to help teach a language
Lessons: Worksheets and webquests that can be done by students to learn cultural items. Not language-specific, divided by topic or theme.
Organization: ways to help you organize your information, plan your lessons, etc.
Presentation: ways to help you present information to students, to make input activities, etc. Can also be used for students to make presentations.
Practice: ways to help your students practice the target language.
TL Input: Sites with video, audio, text, etc. using the target language.
Blog: Miscellaneous items – interesting things about teaching, education, learning, etc.

Browse the new website at

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