August 28, 2011

Idea: Using Google To Get Ideas for Particular Structures

How can you find authentic sentences using a particular structure, and how can you get ideas for a story or other comprehensible input using a given structure? A MoreTPRS listserv contributor shares this idea:

When you want to teach a certain structure and you want to get ideas for class stories, you can just put it on Google to get many examples. Then you can pick up those you think you can manipulate to get a TPRS story.

As an example - for an advanced structure- I've just typed in the phrase "quiere un perro que" (wants a dog that) on Google and I picked all these ideas very quickly:

Obama quiere un perro que no sea ...
quiere un perro que no ladre (easily changed to 'que no hable mucho' if you don't want to teach "ladrar")
quiere un perro que le haga compañía
quiere un perro que juegue con los niños
quiere un perro que sea fuerte
quiere un perro que le acompañe a hacer "jogging"
… que sepa convivir
… que le salte encima y que le lama la cara.
… que cace jabalíes=wild boar
… que sorprenda por su tamaño.
... que sepa sumar y restar.
... que se porte mal constantemente (maybe you want to give the dog to your worst enemy)

Ignacia A. [moretprs] using google to get ideas. MoreTPRS listserv (, 26 Aug 2011).

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