June 1, 2013

Digital Tutorial For Ancient Greek

From http://daedalus.umkc.edu/FirstGreekBook

John William White's First Greek Book was originally published in 1896. The book contains a guided curriculum built around the language and vocabulary of Xenophon’s Anabasis. This digital tutorial is an evolving edition that is designed to run on both traditional browsers, tablet devices, and phones. Each lesson includes drill and practice exercises in addition to the text itself. The site also includes tab-delimited files for all of the vocabulary and grammar that can be imported into flashcard programs.

This is a work in progress that is taking shape through the winter of 2012 and spring of 2013. Expect things to change and know that you will find errors as you use this tutorial.

The digital tutorial and more information about it is available at http://daedalus.umkc.edu/FirstGreekBook

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