June 15, 2013

L.A. Unified Improves English-Learner Outcomes, Superintendent Says

From http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/learning-the-language/2013/06/la_unified_improves_english-le.html

L.A. Unified Improves English-Learner Outcomes, Superintendent Says
By Lesli A. Maxwell
June 10, 2013

English-learners in Los Angeles Unified posted important academic gains in 2012-13 that Superintendent John Deasy said point to an upward trajectory for a huge group of students that have had a history of languishing in the nation's second largest school system.

In a recent memo written to staff members that was published at LA School Report, Deasy wrote that the district's English-learners increased their proficiency rates on one of the district's English/language arts periodic assessments at a faster clip than all students. As a group, elementary ELLs posted a 13-point gain in ELA proficiency rates, up to 38 percent this year over 25 percent last year, according to the memo.

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