June 15, 2013

Explore the Ancient World through the Virtual World Project

From http://www.virtualworldproject.org

The Virtual World Project presents interactive virtual tours of the ancient world in order to aid in the teaching and study of antiquity.

The Virtual World Project has three primary goals:
Pedagogical: Provide a resource for scholars and teachers across a variety of disciplines related to the ancient world
Technological: Create interactive virtual tours of the ancient world using the best available computer technologies
Conservational: Provide a visual database of the material remains of the ancient world as they presently exist

The Virtual World Project is an ongoing project that is updated continuously. The primary focus of the project is the Levant. To date, many sites in Israel and Jordan have been photographed and implemented in the project. Sites in Syria are planned in the future. A few sites in Greece and Turkey were the first sites photographed for the project in 2002. These sites are included in the project as Legacy Sites, though the project’s focus is elsewhere.

Visit the Virtual World Project website at http://www.virtualworldproject.org

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