June 30, 2013

Road Map to Create a French-English Dual-Language Program in New York City

From http://frenchlanguage.frenchculture.org

As the fourth most spoken language in New York City, with 116,000 speakers citywide, French is deeply entwined in New York's linguistic fabric. New York City is at the center of this bilingual revolution, with eight public schools offering dual language programs from grade K-6, and plans to extend those programs all the way to college. These programs were largely created as a result of the efforts of parents who put up websites, canvassed the neighborhood and worked with Principals to get the project off the ground.

If you are considering the creation of a dual-language program in a NYC school, an available Road Map can become a very useful tool to organize your next steps. The Road Map was prepared by the Downtown/Midtown parent groups and is available for download from http://api.ning.com/files/uGug8jV2T3g0iF3pHeV2SfsfvpWCQZvGLW0W-BYVzklE1rmlyGu50ZJaTNX5Bq*C3kYjSE2IJp*zD20k2mEArN*RtqnGfurX/RoadMaptoCreateaFrenchDLP.pdf

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