June 21, 2013

2013-2014 Foreign Language Technology Workshops at Colorado University Boulder

The Anderson Language Technology Center (http://altec.colorado.edu ) is planning on re-offering the K12 Language Technology Program next year. We're looking for input on the technologies, tools and pedagogies you would like to learn about in our Saturday workshops. We would also welcome suggestions for local speakers to invite. Just email your suggestions to edwige.simon at Colorado dot edu.

The K-12 Foreign Language Technology Program is a series of Saturday workshops dedicated to technology integration in the secondary foreign language classroom. All workshops are held on the CU Boulder campus (3 in fall, 3 in spring + portfolio intensive in April). You maybe obtain re-certification or graduate credit for attending.

Want to learn more? Check out the program page:

Simon, E. [CCFLT] 2013-2014 FL tech workshops at CU Boulder. CCFLT listserv (CCFLT@yahoogroups.com, 17 Jun 2013).

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