June 8, 2013

22frames Aggregates Captioned Videos

From http://www.22frames.com/aboutus.aspx

The web offers a world of quality videos for our enjoyment and enlightenment. Captioned and subtitled videos, in particular, can be especially helpful in different ways for a large population of Internet users. A problem, however, is that such videos are generally scattered and/or mixed with all other videos across the Internet. Up until now, there was no central place to easily and reliably search for and discover such videos across multiple video hosts. 22frames was built, in part, to provide such a place. In turn, an additionally important goal is to drive significant traffic to caption/subtitle friendly video hosts and creators.

Besides providing a search interface, there are quite a few things we can do with an index of captioned videos. It turns out that watching captioned videos provides a way to learn phrases of a language by seeing real world scenarios.

Read a review of this resource by Richard Byrne with special reference to how EFL/ESL teachers can use it: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/05/22-frames-news-videos-for-esl-students.html#.UapHa-tAuVU

22frames is available at http://www.22frames.com

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