June 8, 2013

Phonemica: Collecting Spoken Stories in All Varieties of Chinese

From http://www.tealeafnation.com/2013/05/trying-to-save-the-chinese-language-from-itself

Phonemica, or xiangyinyuan, is a project to record spoken stories in every one of the thousands of varieties of Chinese in order to preserve both stories and language for future generations.

Each Phonemica entry includes a story excerpted from a long dialogue. This method allows for a natural presentation of the interviewee’s speech. Phonemica presents the recordings as well as ethnographic information about the interviewees on an interactive map. A story told by a Sichuanese girl about her negative impressions of Shanghai can be accessed with one click, making Phonemica’s interface more accessible than most academic research on Chinese linguistics.

Read a fuller description of this resource at http://www.tealeafnation.com/2013/05/trying-to-save-the-chinese-language-from-itself

Phonemica is available at http://phonemica.net

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