January 4, 2013

Registration is Open for the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair

From http://nal.snomnh.ou.edu/fair

Every spring, the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) brings together 600-800 students who are learning their Native languages. The Fair honors these students and their teachers by giving them an opportunity to publicly present their languages. The Fair celebrates language diversity in Oklahoma and the US. In addition to student and teachers, the Fair also involves the university community, tribal communities, families, and over 100 volunteers.

Students participate according to age in categories:
 Individual, small group, or large group Spoken Language Performance
 Individual, small group, or large group Song in Native Language
 Language Masters Performance
 Poetry Writing and Performance
 Spoken Language with PowerPoint
 Poster Art on the yearly language theme
 Book & Literature
 Cartoon & Comic Book (NEW for 2013!)
 Film & Video
 Language Advocacy Essay (in English)

Registration opens today. The fair will take place April 1-2, 2013. For more details go to http://nal.snomnh.ou.edu/fair

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