January 19, 2013

Young Adults Can Spend a Volunteer Year in Germany

From http://www.germany.info/Vertretung/usa/en/__pr/GIC/2013/01/11ActionReconciliation.html

Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) is seeking young Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 interested in serving on a voluntary basis for a year in Germany.

"People from diverse backgrounds live, work and learn together for 12 months at Holocaust memorial sites and non-profits promoting understanding and tolerance, remembering the past and taking a stand against anti-semitism, racism and discrimination today," explains the ARSP website. "The volunteers come from the United States, Israel, Russia and different European countries, including Germany itself. ARSP works to foster international, interreligious and intercultural dialogue and creating a more peaceful world."

The deadline to submit applications is January 31, 2013.

For more information go to the ARSP website at http://www.actionreconciliation.org/volunteer-service/german-program.html

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