January 29, 2013

NYSAFLT Colloquium: LOTE, SLOs and the Common Core: Building Connections

From http://www.nysaflt.org/conferences/colloquium/index.shtml

The NYSAFLT Colloquium is a forum in which LOTE colleagues share perspectives, exchange ideas, and develop responses to issues of importance to the LOTE education community. At the 2013 Colloquium, participants will focus on the timely and important topic of "LOTE, SLOs and the Common Core: Building Connections"

Because continued professional growth is important for the success of all teachers, please come on April 26 for the 2013 NYSAFLT Colloquium.

Learn more at http://www.nysaflt.org/conferences/colloquium/index.shtml

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