January 19, 2013

ACTFL Latin Interpretive Reading Assessment (ALIRA)

From http://www.actfl.org/latin

ALIRA was created through a collaborative effort between The American Classical League and ACTFL. It is a first-of-its kind assessment that is based on both the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and the Standards for Classical Language Learning. It is a four-option, multiple choice, computer-adaptive assessment that can be delivered in a single class period.

The goal of ALIRA is to assess Interpretive Reading in Latin. ALIRA uses a wide variety of texts including shorter and longer texts from ancient Rome, authentic historical documents, and modern texts from today’s classical studies community.

ALIRA provides a performance rating within the Novice and Intermediate ranges. There are four gradations of Novice performance and five gradations of Intermediate performance. They are designated N1 to N4 and I1 to I5. The score reports provide an explanation of each score.

Learn more about ALIRA at http://www.actfl.org/latin

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