January 29, 2013

Conventiculum Bostoniense: Latin by the Sea

From http://conventiculum.org

The Conventiculum Bostoniense is a full-immersion residential experience, designed for those with at least an intermediate-level background in Latin who want to gain some ability to communicate ex-tempore in correct Latin on a wide range of subjects. Anyone with that background and a strong desire to develop a Latin speaking ability are welcome to apply. Teachers in schools and universities will especially appreciate sessions devoted to active methods for learning Latin. In these sessions, teachers will both learn from each other and work on their own to develop activities that can be applied in the classroom with excellent results.

The 2013 Conventiculum Bostoniense will take place July 27-August 4. For more details go to http://conventiculum.org/conventiculum_bostoniense

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