January 26, 2013

How To Make Texts for Your Students

From http://blogs.dickinson.edu/dcc/2013/01/21/classical-commentary-diy

Latin teacher Peter Sipes writes,

“Over the last few years of teaching Latin to homeschoolers, I’ve found that I need to make a lot of my own materials. …There is a lot of high-quality material available for beginners and people studying Golden Age Latin literature. Once you get away from those two sweet spots, however, the supply of student materials quickly dries up.

“Since I want to make sure my students are aware of a broad range of Latin, I present post-Classical literature. I’ve taught selections from the Vulgate three times, and just finished up with a second go around of Thomas More’s Utopia. These are wonderful texts, but they require the making of my own materials for students. My aim is fluent reading, and so I like for everything—text, notes, and vocabulary— to be on one page, as in Clyde Pharr’s well-known text of the Aeneid.

“With some serious tweaking of process over the last few years, I have finally nailed down a good work flow.”

Read Mr. Sipes’ description of his work flow at http://blogs.dickinson.edu/dcc/2013/01/21/classical-commentary-diy

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