January 26, 2013

Study Italian in Rimini

From http://www.ieo.ucla.edu/TravelStudy/Italian-Rimini/overview.htm

UCLA’s travel study abroad program on Italian language and culture will run from June 23rd to July 20th, 2013. Enjoy an idyllic summer on the Adriatic coast of Italy while studying language and culture in the capital of Italian seaside tourism and nightlife. With its 15 km-long sandy beach, Rimini is one of the most famous summer resorts of Europe, served by an airport offering low cost flights to most capitals of the continent, and teeming with small outdoor restaurants. Take advantage of many opportunities to embark on excursions, visit other towns, and piece together a picture of the rich history of this cultural crossroad between Rome and the East. The nearby site of Ravenna will furnish examples of life and art in the years 500-1200 and the Duchy of Urbino will pick up from there. Classes will be held in the air-conditioned, multimedial classrooms of the University of Bologna at Rimini, where students will study the language, literature, art, and culture of one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Learn more about this opportunity at http://www.ieo.ucla.edu/TravelStudy/Italian-Rimini/overview.htm

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