August 1, 2013

Special Issue of Impact: Educating K-12 English Language Learners with Disabilities


The winter/spring 2013 issue of Impact, a newsletter from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, addresses the issue of educating English language learners with disabilities. Articles include the following:

Following Patxi’s Lead: A Child-Centered Journey of Learning and Language
Who Are English Language Learners with Disabilities?
The Present and Future of Bilingual/ESL Special Education
The Legal Obligations of Education Systems to Serve English Learners with Disabilities
The Common Core State Standards and English Language Learners with Disabilities
Accommodations Considerations for English Language Learners with Disabilities
Utilizing Differentiated Instruction for English Language Learners with Disabilities
Considerations for Including English Language Learners in a Response to Intervention System
The Roles of Interpreters and Speech-Language Pathologists for ELLs with Disabilities
Issues in the Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing K-12 English Language Learners
Meeting the Educational Needs of English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities
Educating ELLs with Significant Cognitive Disabilities: Lessons Being Learned in One State
Working Together: One District’s Transformation in Teaching English Learners with Disabilities
United Action for Improving Academic Outcomes of ELLs with Disabilities
Advocating for Your Child: Tips for Families of English Language Learners with Disabilities
Planning for the Successful Transition From School to Adulthood for ELLs with Disabilities
English Language Learners with Disabilities: What School Professionals Need to Know and Do
English Learners with Disabilities and Charter Schools: The Principal Perspective

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