August 18, 2013

Foreign Language Association of Virginia 2013 Conference


2013 Conference: Go Global
October 3-5, 2013
Williamsburg, Virginia

The FLAVA Conference is a great place to meet colleagues, see old friends and get energized for the rest of the school year. Last year almost 600 educators attended representing more than a dozen languages. Many individual language associations hold their professional meetings and luncheons during the conference (contact your affiliate president). It’s a place to hear language: this year, all sessions are in the target language, unless the topic is of general interest. The FLAVA Conference is a place to expand skills: all sessions are linked to national teaching standards. Also, for the second year, VDOE will offer a Modified Oral Proficiency Interview workshop Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 2 and 3rd (attendance arranged through county foreign language supervisors). The conference is a source of ideas that boost technology in the classroom: student collaboration via Skype, technology in the Chinese classroom, memes in the classroom, digital storytelling and more. The conference is a great place to get ideas to take back to the classroom and use right away. This year sessions include everything from the general – “Engaging and Motivating the Inhibited Language Learner” – to the specific – “the new AP German exam,” “Anime and Manga in the Japanese classroom,” and many, many others. The FLAVA Conference is an opportunity to experience culture: Embassy presentations, cultural sessions, museum booth and movies. The conference is a place to be inspired. Dynamic, passionate speakers and awards remind us why we chose this profession and inspire us to strive.

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