August 31, 2013

Call for Papers: Classical Associations of the Pacific Northwest and of the Canadian West


Conference sponsored by the Classical Association of the Canadian West and the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest on the theme “Decision”
March 14-15, 2014, Vancouver, BC

 Whether a political figure faces a decision affecting the safety and prosperity of an ancient city-state, a literary figure concludes (an often mistaken) decision in a tragedy, a judge decides the guilt or innocence of a litigant, or an artist tries to achieve some work of merit, the concept of “decision” pervades many aspects of the cultural life of a society. Philosophers have explored such merging of general, abstract notions to the need for action in specific situations. Oracular pronouncements are sought for divine guidance. Systems of selection are devised. All test notions of innovation and leadership.

Papers are sought on all aspects classical antiquity. Panel submissions will be welcome, and brief (up to 3 minute) responses will be sought for each paper. (Please signal your readiness to give a response.)

Submit abstracts (up to 200 words) by October 15th.

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