August 18, 2013

Call for Tour Directors and Symposium Organizer


Here are two jobs/professional development and research opportunities from the Vergilian Society:

The Vergilian Society invites applications for the direction of classical summer programs for 2015 and beyond. We are particularly interested in innovative and exploratory programs at different levels, wholly or partially held at the Villa Vergiliana at Cumae. Tours involving Campania are particularly sought after for 2015, as well as those with an emphasis on Etruria, Gaul or Greece. But prospective directors are invited to submit applications for programs that encompass any area(s) of the Greco-Roman world. The Chair of the Villa Management Committee will supply prospective directors with details regarding compensation, minimal enrollments, and shared direction.

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The Vergilian Society is soliciting proposals for the Twenty-First Annual Symposium Cumanum, to take place at the Villa Vergiliana in Cuma at the end of June, 2015. We will consider a proposal on any theme pertaining to Virgil and his times, although preference may be given to a subject that has not been treated recently.

Each proposal should be prepared by the person who is intending to direct the symposium, or by the lead person if co-directors are envisioned. The successful director will have logistical assistance from the Vergilian Society’s Italian staff and from the executive committee; a set of guidelines is available to assist in planning.

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