August 25, 2013

More Beginning of School Ideas, Part 5

Here is another activity for the beginning of school that works as an ice-breaker:

If you make note cards with names of celebrities (they can be Hispanic) and have a couple of the students tape them in the backs of others without looking at the name. The ones that were taping the names should tape each other without seeing their cards either. Then you give the order to go around the classroom asking one question to another student and vice versa in the classroom about the celebrity they are, like am I alive? Am I singer? Was I born in the USA? Am I an athlete? The answers should be yes or no. The person then moves on to the next student and asks another question until they guess who they are. Only one question per student and they have go ask a different person the next time. After 8 to 10 minutes you call off the activity and the people who has not guessed their celebrity yet, get to see who they were. You can use the target language if the class is advanced or you can use just a few words if the level of the class is low. You may put suggested question on the board, so they get the idea on how to do it.
Have fun with it, it is a very nice ice breaker and let all the students talk to each other.

Zuchovicki, L. Re: [nandu] FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL - HIGH SCHOOL SPANISH. Ñandutí listserv (, 5 Aug 2013).

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