August 31, 2013

Presentational Communication Resources

Annenberg Learner’s curriculum focus this month is the presentational communication standard for foreign languages. Here are their recommended resources:

All of the videos mentioned are from the Teaching Foreign Languages Library ( ) and are subtitled so that teachers of any language can find useful information and teaching strategies.

Teaching Foreign Languages Library Watch Barbara Pope Bennett’s Spanish III students dramatize scenes from Dos Caras (Two Faces), by Sabine Ulibarri, and create alternate endings to the story in program 29, “Interpreting Literature.”

In program 16, “Exploring New Directions,” students practice a variety of presentational skills in a mixed-level Mandarin Chinese class, from describing restaurants and providing directions, to creating a dramatic representation of poems.

Middle school students communicate their likes and dislikes about sports activities in a beginning Mandarin class in program 11, “Communicating About Sports.”

Yo Azama’s high school Japanese class begins planning a promotional video to attract tourists to Japan in program 23.

Use this nifty chart in Teaching Foreign Languages, which shows the level of difficulty, standards connection, and teaching strategies for each video lesson.

Annenberg Learner Update September 2013. Annenberg Learner (, 23 Aug 2013).

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